Meet our services

Through our technical solutions, Customized brings the orthopedic technician to the customer instead of the other way around.

in-store scanner

An advanced scanner solution meant to be used in-store.
Custom made insoles
Insoles selector
Video gait analysis
Video call with orthopedic engineer

Portable 3D-scanner

Flexible scanner, in store and portable all in one.
Recommended for when visiting end customers frequently.

Personalized insoles

Orthopedic insoles have only been offered through orthopedic shops or hospitals in the past. But with the customized solution and our team of orthopedic engineers we can share the benefits of personalized insoles to more people in a safe and efficient way.

Prefabricated insoles

We offer a range of prefabricated insoles fully integrated into our scanning solution. Choose your own material, sizes colors and branding or let us come with suggestions. Already have a developed collection? We can integrate that into our scanner system as well.

Partner projects

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