We are customized innovation

We are

We offer 100% personalized insoles through our technical solutions, Customized brings the orthopedic technician to the customer instead of the other way around.

Why Customized?

3D scanning and orthopedic engineering brings the power of personalized insoles. We offer a complete insole solution that can be customized from comfort profiles, material selections or even specific branding opportunities for partners.

A customized solution

We offer an independent scanning platform. Open to brand partners to incorporate their products. 100% personalized insoles through 3D scanning. Milled and vacuum pressed insoles.

Prefabricated orthopedic insole system. Always innovative solutions and materials with possibilities for safety shoes certifications.

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Our products and services are available all over Scandinavia and you can find them at local orthopedic clinics and professional shops. Send us an email if you need help finding a store near you.

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