Custom-ized Wrist Support Strap

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One Size


75% nylon 25% spandex

Introducing Custom-ized Wrist Strap - your reliable partner for providing your wrists with the best protection and support. Our innovative wrist support is specially designed to help you achieve optimal comfort while offering support to your wrists. Crafted with carefully selected materials that provide a perfect balance between flexibility and durability.

We understand the importance of taking care of your wrists and avoiding unpleasant injuries. Therefore, Custom-ized Wrist Strap offers extra support where it is needed most, providing a superior sense of stability and confidence. Whether you're in the workplace, the gym, or engaging in everyday activities, Custom-ized Wrist Strap will be your trustworthy companion, preventing wrist discomfort and promoting a stronger, pain-free everyday life.

Stabilizes the wrist, prevents wrist injuries, and provides pain relief for wrist discomfort. The thumb hole ensures that the support stays in place during activities with a lot of movement. Easy to readjust the support as needed.

A great support for those in need of a normal functional grip, such as craftsmen. Suitable for: Racquet sports, cycling.

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