Custom-ized Knee Support 3.0

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60% Nylon 30% Spandex 5% Gel pad 5% support bar

Designed to provide you with increased stability, relief, and the recovery you need to prevent knee injuries and maximize your performance. Manufactured with carefully selected materials, this knee support offers a perfect balance between flexibility and strength.

With side rails for extra stability, the Custom-ized Knee Support gives you the confidence boost you need to tackle daily challenges and workouts with full force. But that's not all - our unique gel ring around the kneecap provides an extra level of relief and support, reducing strain and helping to prevent unpleasant injuries.

Relieves, activates, and stabilizes the knee joint. The gel ring around the kneecap redistributes pressure to the surrounding soft tissues. The ring has a massaging and pain-relieving effect. Compression knitting alleviates swelling and pain conditions while stabilizing the knee joint.

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