Custom-ized Fit Milled

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EVA, PU, Microfiber

Our orthopedic insoles have an individualized fit to give your feet the support they need, with a precise and 100 % customized fit. A stabilizing heel cup and a personalized arch support made of EVA combined with a soft Polyurethan material in the full length of the insole, your feet get the prefect combination of stability and comfort. An additional forefoot pad is optional. The insole is antistatic and MDR certified. The insoles provide you with: Custom-made fit for optimal support. Pain relief for foot related problems such as plantar fasciitis, hallux valgus, Morton’s Neuroma and more. Pain relief for knee-, hip- and lower back pain. Support for overpronation. Works preventive against pain in the lower limb area. Alignment correction of the whole body.

Our customized insole is designed to offer optimal comfort and support for your feet. Utilizing advanced 3D scanning technology and CAD modeling, each insole is tailored to the individual needs of your feet. This ensures an optimal fit and provides you with the best possible experience of comfort and support during long days.

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