Custom-ized DPS Sport

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Antibakteriellt textil. TPEE foam, Poron, PU/nylon

Customized DPS Sport insoles are designed to provide comprehensive support for the heel, midfoot, and forefoot in a single construction. The arch support features a plastic reinforcement that extends from the heel over the midfoot and into the forefoot to optimally support and stabilize the foot during movement. The support element of the insoles is made of strong and stable HDPE plastic, which maintains the arches of the foot over time. The heel area is anatomically shaped to create effective heel support, with the shape providing natural central loading and helping to keep the heel fat pad together.The midfoot has a customized arch support that provides extra support, effectively counteracting excessive movement in the arch. Excessive movement in the arch often causes a tendency toward overpronation, where the arch collapses on the inside of the foot, increasing the risk of overall foot misalignment and pain. Optional support for the anterior arch, there is a lightly marked forefoot pad. The combination of comprehensive support for the entire foot contributes to more even load distribution across the foot, reducing the risk of developing overload-related problems in the foot, ankle, lower limb, and knee.Customized DPS insoles are made with an extraordinary shock-absorbing material, TPEE, which features low weight, high shock absorption and effective energy return under load. TPEE is optimal for insoles and shoes, providing effective shock absorption even in thinner profiles.The insole is manufactured in double sizes and can be easily trimmed at the front for an exact fit. Customized DPS insoles contribute to better comfort and an easier step.

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