Is the Earth flat?

Of course it´s not! But, the fact is that over the past 150 years, almost all groundwork has become flat. The problem, however, is that your feet are not built to walk on flat surfaces all the time.
Feets have not kept up with evolution. Up to 70% of the population can be in the risk zone for developing load damage due to over-pronation. Customized have found a way to reduce that problem!
Customized have knowledge of over 20 years work in the orthopedic healthcare and sportmedicine. With new technology, innovative solutions, and digitalization, Customized increases the availability of 3D measurement scanned insoles, and other types of orthopedic insoles, that makes a real difference.
Customized works for a more effective walking and running step, higher performance, and a more comfortable everyday lifestyle.
Give your feet the fit they have been waiting over 150 years for. Give them Customized.


  • Customized stabilizes the foot and straightens postur
  • Reduces the risk of load damage.
  • Provides a dynamic cushioning that reproduces power and increases comfort.
  •  Prevents harmful overpronation
  • Can decrease knee, hip and back exhaustion and soreness.

Certification and safetyshoes

You can only use insoles in safety shoes that are approved by the manufacturer. If you make orthopedic or other changes in safety shoes that affect the protective function, the manufacturer's CE marking no longer applies.

Customized collaborates with most leading safetyshoe manufacturers in Scandinavia. Through certificationprojects together with the manufacturers, we ensure that the orthopedic insoles meet the manufacturer's requirements to maintain a CE mark while we take the orthopedic responsibility, this so that you can feel safe in your workplace. In the past, it has been difficult to find certified orthopedic insoles on the PPE market.